Progress....not perfection.....

So my feeling of needing to get things together for September, has had a pretty positive impact it would seem. I have made some good headway on my painting of a square in Old Town Corfu.  

We visited Corfu on a family holiday at the end of July and while there, spent quite a lot of time walking through old backstreets.  The view above was a little quiet square which  took my imagination with  clean washing, drying high above our heads on pulley ropes.  I can still feel the heat and the brightness of everything.  I bought a sunhat on the first visit and it became a permanent fixture on my head for the rest of the holiday....amazingly it travelled quite well back home too.

So on our first visit to the old town, it was lunchtime, we were all a little hungry and having three boys in tow, it became a pressing matter!  We walked around for a while before spotting a tiny  restaurant in a side-alley.  From my seat, I could see these beautiful old buildings. They reminded me of something I had seen before, but I couldn't put my finger on it at the time and soon forgot about it.

Today I finally pulled myself together and printed the final colours of my reduction linocut print.  I had put it to one side for a couple of weeks, because I was actually a bit scared of cutting wrongly and not being able to go back to correct it.  Each time I do a reduction print, I learn something new, I am a long way off from where I would like to be, but it is all progress!

(I heard something that I thought was brilliant today, it was explaining that progression is better than perfection.  You can put something off for too long waiting for perfection, rather begin and progress...........soooooo that will be my motto when it comes to my art)

So when I was looking at the final colour down on my  print, I recalled again the painting and had a scout around and found the one I was thinking about, in one of my design books from the first year of my course.  At the time, I used it as inspiration for my first drypoint print using perspex.  

 John Piper Cheltenham, Composite of Houses in Priory Parade and Elsewhere

This is my drypoint, printed onto coloured tissue paper. 


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