Initially when I  started my final major project, I had an idea that my outcome would end up being a textile piece....infact, I think I could almost see it!

I spent a large amount of time crocheting my long infographic of all the runs I had done during 2019 and I also become interested in creating a journal of stitches, documenting my running journey.

When the college was closed due to Covid19 and there was also discussion over preparing my project as a digital submission, I became a little disappointed at not having the opportunity to exhibit my work and decided that I no longer wanted to rely on photographs to convey my concepts.  While the viewer was able to see my work, they had no chance to be able to appreciate the textures.

This is when my work took a more 2D approach which I believe was the correct decision and direction for me.

I returned to some of the linos I had cut at the beginning and looked at them again to consider how they could be developed.


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