I always like September, it feels like a time to begin again.... make new plans.....start a new book.  To mark the occasion I went to the art shop yesterday and bought new sketch pens and a new sketch pad.  I am yet to start something, but I do have a burning desire to paint something perhaps on my day off I'll get some paints out.

I am still waiting for my official degree result and have still not signed on the dotted line to begin the Illustration MA at Falmouth this month.  I have never been brilliant at making decisions and this is proving to be a diffcult one to make!

In the meantime, I am distracting myself with a few painting competitions.  The above painting is an oil inspired by a very rainy day, where my sketching quickly got disrupted by a sudden downpour,  I was glad to be able to jump into the car.  The distorted view through the windscreen of the surroundings really captured my attention.


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