'This Way'

The task of writing a manifesto as part of my masters in illustration, has been an interesting one.  A time spent considering the type of work I make and the underlying themes that run through them all.  During my degree, one of my focuses was on landscape, experimenting using lino to portray topography as well as traditional landscape prints.  This has helped form my statement of intent, which will shape my future art practice.

I intend to highlight the Welsh rural landscape, in particular the Pembrokeshire coastline, communicating this breathtaking and sometimes rugged environment in a new way which reaches beyond a replicated view by bringing the extra dimension of information.

I am an illustrator of journeys….the paths, the traces, the contours, the history and the dreams.  A printmaker carving and marking tracks to reveal the hidden things in the landscape.  I have a connection with the landscape of Wales and my work is a narration of the stories it tells.

The welsh mountains, valleys, coastlines and huge skies contain a rich anthology of tales and history…. and I am the biographer.

I am the organiser of information, the revealer of secrets and the documenter of views.


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